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Scrolling through social media, we find a wealth of content within the reach of our fingertips. Beautifully written Facebook posts, thought provoking tweets, breath-taking Instagram photos, awe-inspiring art processes are what social networking sites are made of, in this day and age.

An honest story can capture the heart of the audience in a manner that a well thought of synthesized post cannot.

With more and more millennials ditching the formal work setup for a flexible freelancing gig, the creative industry has seen a rise in writers, artists and creative professionals choosing the solo entrepreneurial path.

The psychological shift in millennial mind-set has produced a disdain for comparative and competitive cut throat business dealings.

As certain parts of the world faces recession, young minds have evolved into building an inclusive network of creative professionals to help individuals in the same field, find work to sustain economically.

Collaborations are a great way for individuals and enterprises to grow mutually and here is why they actually yield better outcomes for everybody involved:

1. Appreciation And Respect Goes A Long Way

When business dealings are based on appreciation and respect between two parties, it creates a positive working atmosphere that transcends beyond petty ego trips and power struggles.

Such collaborations become mutually beneficial to parties involved, where individual resources are pooled to create something of value.

2. Lasting Business Connections

Work connections found through such an open and inclusive mind frame lasts longer, with parties revisiting each other for projects and collaborations based on previous positive experiences together.

3. Similar Ideas and Ideals Align to Form Great Teams

Perfect collaborations happen between entities possessing similar ideas and ideals creating great teamwork. When the teamwork reigns superior, the quality of work ranges higher in terms of execution, timing and delivery.

4. Work Becomes Fun

Collaborations tend to replace the dreary mood accompanying monotonous work with excitement and anticipation towards creating an exceptional end result.

Work becomes fun with new work connections, as new ideas and approaches are exchanged between collaborating parties.

5. Collaboration Replaces Competition

Considering how workplace competition has become grossly overrated, with all of the negative connotations attached to it, new-age entrepreneurs are keener on proactive and positive collaborations.

Collaborations are a great way to form such mutually beneficial alliances.

6. Opportunity for New Talent

Collaborations are a great gateway for new talent to enter the work market and showcase their individual untapped skill-set.

There are no preconceived notions or predetermined checklists, limiting one from approaching a prospective creative talent to collaborate and create something extraordinary.

7. Creating an Ecosystem of Support

With so many creative entities spread across the work market, collaborations create an ecosystem of support that recognizes people’s talent and potential in creating something of substance and worth.

Collaborative networks like these can become a safety net for professionals who may fall on hard times, offering opportunity to get back on their feet with proper guidance and support.

There is something incredibly pure and beautiful about such inclusiveness in the work market. Instead of snuffing out creative competition with tasteless politics and shrewd business games, individuals recognize talent when they see one, and collaborate to create work projects that benefit the creative professionals as well as the growing number of clients in the market.

Such an ecosystem eliminates monopolization of an industry by business corporations, bringing work opportunities to hard working men and women, possessing limitless talent and passion for their form of work.

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