Research Writing 
 Social Media Handles 
 SEO Content 
 Translation Work
 Website Content Development 


  Single Blog  
  Package Deal  


*Pay as you Go




Total of 4 blogs

@600 words each


- Submit a Topic

- Establish project timeline       

- Max of 3 revisions

- 100% ghost-written content

- Zero plagiarism

- Professional writing

- Submit Topic(s)

- Establish project timelines       

- Max of 3 revisions per blog

- 100% ghost-written content

- Zero plagiarism

- Professional writing

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Research Writing

 Researched Articles 

*Pay as you Go

 White Paper Research 

Per Project

- Market Research

- Audience Profiling

- Industry Research

**Price is subject to scope of work.

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- Submit a Topic

- Determine research methology

- Minimum of 5 research references

  will be used

- Establish project timeline       

- Max of 3 revisions

- 100% ghost-written content

- Zero plagiarism

- Professional writing

- Clients can choose between Market

  Research, Audience / Target Market

  Profiling or Industry Research. 

- Research will include hard data from

  reputable sources such as Govt. Statistics,

  Ministry of Economics & Private Research


- Technical & Professional Writing.

- Zero Plagiarism

Public Relations

 Press Release  

*Package Deal


*Package Deal

- Submit a Topic

- Tailor fact oriented Press releases

- Contact Media houses

- Assist in media publishing process   

- Max of 1 revision

- Professional writing

- Tailored content for Quarterly, Monthly

  or Bi-weekly in-house publications for

  Companies, NGOs and Institutions.

- Meeting deadlines and consistent

  delivery of content.

- Professional coordination with clients to

  obtain the necessary information.

- Suggestions on layout and the use of

  visual aids in the final output.

- Maximum of 2 revisions

 Creative Writing 
 Translation Work 

From writing an health-felt Eulogy to a full-fledged wedding MC script, I undertake writing commissions for all occasions.

Some of my writing commission services are:

Kannada to English

*Abstract Translation

Kannada to English

*Business Writing

MC Script for School Annual Days, Graduation Ceremony or Birthdays

Ghost Writing:


Short Stories


Poetry Commissions

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- Professional and Technical writing translations

- Ensuring content theme does not get lost in


- Maximum of 3 revisions

- Maintaining a formal and professional tone in




Content Creation

 Marketing Content   Development 

Company Profile &

Corporate Brochures


Google Keywords Analytics

Product Descriptions & Product Marketing

SEO & Google Keywords optimized


Website Content Development / Content Editing

*Price are subject to scope of work. Get in touch for a customized quote.

Keywords Research and Development

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